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Barge moored off Point Quay in Penpol Creek

Feock Parish Council and Cllr Martyn Alvey, Feock & Kea Cornwall Councillor have been made aware of the arrival of a barge on 3rd February 2022 just off Point Quay in Penpol Creek, by a number of residents and the current position is as follows.

The Marine Management Organisation (MMO) refused a licence to moor the barge on spud legs (which was appealed and the appeal failed). The enforcement of this rests with the MMO because the creek is outside the jurisdiction of the Port of Truro and as this isn’t considered ‘development’ Cornwall Council Planning has no powers of enforcement in relation to the barge. Mr Richards owns the fundus and his right to moor a boat there isn’t in dispute. However, the use of spud legs requires a MMO licence (which was refused). The MMO have been notified of the mooring of the barge at this location. We hope that clarifies the current position.


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