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Feock Eco 

Feock Eco is a group of residents and local Councillors getting together to discuss and implement various projects and activities involved with our local environment, the climate emergency and nature recovery. 

If you would like to join the WhatsApp group please contact Lesley Fitt on 07968 472217. 

To be kept up to date with the groups work and meetings please email so you can be added to the email circulation list. 

Please look at the Nature Recovery page to help with our project. 


Recently some members of the group got together for a fun and productive kayak trip - see below. 

Feock Eco go up the creek

On a sunny March Saturday members of Feock Eco, launching from Point and Devoran on kayaks and paddle boards, paddled up the creek towards the Norway Inn.

Where the creek begins to run parallel with the A39 we found a shocking amount of rubbish, mainly on the banks between the road and the creek.

What did we find? Masses of single use plastic food packaging, bottles, cans, hub caps, bits of flooring, domestic plastic items, pipe lagging etc etc. So clearly stuff is chucked out of car windows and bigger items are left there by cars pulling in to one very small pull in area.

It is now widely known that rubbish, particularly plastic rubbish can be deadly for birdlife, and in our beautiful creek we have a prolific array of birds including geese, egrets, herons, waders, swans, ducks, buzzards to name just a few. The rubbish is also bad news for the fish and all life in our waterways

Sadly, until people decide that it is cruel to dump their rubbish rather than take it home or to the dump, then we need to collect it.

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