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Feock Trails - Wildlife & Landscape

This section of the web-site offers a brief introduction to the local landscape and wildlife of the parish and invites you to explore the footpaths and by ways of the area.

The landscape is varied with the sea, river and creeks on three sides. Each of the Feock Trails introduces you to different habitats with their own flora and fauna (flowers, trees, birds and mammals) The walks around Feock, Devoran, Trelissick and Point take you close to the water which being tidal exposes the foreshore and mudflats (the keen explorer will purchase a tide table!). The mud and exposed foreshore attracts oystercatchers, little egret, black headed gulls, curlew, redshank and godwit between September and March - you are more likely to hear the laughter of children on Loe Beach in the Summer!

The network of footpaths and by ways that criss - crosses the parish is full of colour in the Spring and early Summer. Primroses, bluebells, cow parsley, campion and buttercup appear almost in rotation. The hedgerows become attractive to insects and butterflies. Blackbirds, finches, sparrows and the tit family twitter and fly from place to place.

To learn more about our parish - its history, landscape and wildlife explore the pages of our web-site where you will find maps and lists of species created for us by Cornwall Wildlife Trust and the Environmental Records Centre for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. You can use these pages to gain a better understanding of the landscape character and biodiversity of the area. The information provided on these pages has been collected by volunteers and others over the years.


You can play a part in the future by recording what you see on your walks around the parish. You are invited to register with ORKS a data recording web-site and to record your findings. This will help the Cornwall Wildlife Trust and the Environmental Records Centre to maintain an up to date record of the wildlife of the parish. Look up or use the Feock Parish Council web-site and start recording. It is as easy as that and will add some extra interest to your walks.

As I was writing this a blackbird was singing in a neighbouring tree. Its song was the harbinger of Spring. I hope that you will enjoy your visit to the parish of Feock. 

Maps and Species Lists

The Cornwall Wildlife Trust have kindly provided us with the following maps of the parish. 

The Cornwall Wildlife Trust have kindly provided us with the following documents relating to the parish wildlife. 

Wildlife of Feock Parish 

Have you taken a photograph of Wildlife in our Parish? If so email us at with your name, photograph, species (if known) and information about where and when the photo was taken and we will add it too our gallery.

Page compiled by Keith Hambly-Staite


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