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Feock Trails - Walking History  

A completed project titled Feock Trails - Walking History which has been funded by the Heritage Lottery fund. 


The project produced walking trail leaflets which will are available free of charge from our office in Devoran and also available online to download from the respective walks pages.

These leaflets will be able to be picked up from the Parish Council office in Devoran, which will contain 9 walks in total, covering the whole of the parish, with starting points in Carnon Downs, Devoran, Point & Penpol and Feock.  The leaflets will give information about the history of the parish, including history from the Bronze Age, mining and shipbuilding, the historic houses and the creeks and regattas. 

We are currently in the process of installing small signs at various landmarks around the parish which have a QR code on them which can be scanned with a mobile device and will then display additional information about that landmark. 

As part of this project we have created a reference library for information about the parish in our office and if anyone has any books or publications they would be either willing to donate or lend to the reference library that would be very much appreciated.  No books will be able to be taken away, they will only be able to be read in our office.

We also hope to install seating to take advantage of the lovely views that can be found on some of the walks, together with additional maintenance work to make some of the footpaths more accessible. 

Landmark information can be accessed here as well as via the QR codes around the parish. 

Cllr Phil Allen who wrote the walks is more than happy to come along to give a talk to any community groups who are interested and to give out copies of the walk leaflets, please get in contact with the Parish Council if you would like to arrange this.

For more information please contact

Thank you to Cornwall Today magazine for the article they published on our Feock Trails, you can read this by clicking on the picture below. 

Around The Fal - Book Review

A new book by David Chapman compliments the highly regarded Feock Trails published by Feock Parish Council to help residents and visitors to enjoy the beauty of the parish and its history and wildlife.


The value of the book is that in addition to two walks in Feock (which references the Feock Trails,) it introduces readers to other walks in neighbouring parishes. The concept is the same as our own Feock Trails, adequate directions about where to go and a bit of history and wildlife to make the walks interesting and worthwhile.


Walking around the Fal and Roseland. David Chapman.  Alison Hodge. 2018. £6.95


Feock Trails, Phil Allen, comp. Feock Parish Council (available as above)

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