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Useful information for those intending to make a planning application

in Feock Parish

Neighbourhood Development Plan

Please note that the Parish Council’s views on all planning applications within the Parish will be in-line with the policies of the Neighbourhood Development Plan. We would ask that you review the policies within the Plan and ensure that you development proposal is in accordance with these policies.  


Devoran Conservation Area

For property alteration and development within the Devoran Conservation Area please refer to the Devoran Conservation Area Management Plan and ensure that your proposals are in line with the aims and intentions of the plan in addition to the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

For property alteration and development within the AONB area of Feock we would draw your attention to the pre-application service offered by the Cornwall National Landscape (previously Cornwall AONB) organisation which you may find useful. Cornwall Council will ask for a comment from the Cornwall National Landscape Planning Officer for all applications within the AONB area.


Should you wish to speak to your Ward Councillor about your development please note that any views given by Parish Councillors are given in good faith, and without prejudice to the formal consideration of any planning application received by the Parish for consultee comment.


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