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Whilst Cornwall Council are the Local Planning Authority and decide all planning applications in the Parish. The Parish Council is asked to provide a consultee comment for each application. To do this the Parish Council has a sub-committee of Councillors who discuss and agree consultee comments for each application in the Parish. The ‘Terms of Reference’ for the Planning Committee can be viewed using this link – FPC Planning Committee TOR.


Each application will either be discussed, and a consultee comment agreed by Committee Members via email or taken to the next Planning Committee meeting as per the Committee’s Terms of Reference. It will be stated by each application if it is being considered via email or is on the agenda for the next planning committee meeting. Please note that some applications may be shown as being considered via email but may then subsequently be added to a meeting agenda – so please check the website regularly for any updates if you are interested in an application. Committee meetings are usually held fortnightly on a Tuesday (although at times it may be necessary to schedule an alternative day) at 4pm in the Parish Council Office in Devoran.

For applications on the agenda for discussion at the Committee’s next in-person meeting you are welcome to attend the meeting and speak in the ‘public participation’ part at the start. Please note that this section of the meeting is limited to 15 minutes. Whilst you will usually be given 3 minutes in which to make your comments, if there are a large number of attendees wishing to speak, the 15 minutes will be divided by the number of speakers so your time for speaking may be reduced. Please note that you are only permitted to speak during this section of the meeting. Should you be unable to attend the meeting, but still wish to have your comments considered, please email them to the Assistant Parish Clerk via


Please also note that any comments made to the Parish Council should also be submitted to Cornwall Council who will decide the application. Information on how to do this can be found by following this link - The Parish Council only provide a consultee comment and it is Cornwall Council’s Planning Officers who determine the outcome of each panning application.


Planning applications currently being considered by the planning committee members can be found under the 'Current Planning Applications' tab above. Councillors welcome comments from neighbours and members of the public who have an interest in an application and these should be emailed to the Assistant Clerk, Debbie Searle via

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