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Community Defibrillators


The Parish Council have been successful in securing four community defibrillators, the Feock and Devoran defibrillators have been part-funded and supplied by the Parish Council, British Heart Foundation (BHF).  The Carnon Downs defibrillator was funded by the Parish Council, BHF, Truro Lions, Carnon Downs Film Club and Sunbeams Playgroup.  The Point defibrillator was funded by the Parish Council,  BHF and Truro Lions. 

The defibrillators are located as follows: 


In the phone box at the bottom of Market Street in Devoran, TR3 6QA (beside the Village Hall and bus stop) No code required. 


On the outside wall of the reception of Ferris Garage on the main road into Feock, TR3 6RE. No code required. 

On the outside wall of Twitterings, Trolver Croft, TR3 6RTCode available by dialling 999. 


There is also a defibrillator which has been installed in the Feock Church & Community Hall car park which has been provided in memory of local resident John Brock. Please note this cabinet requires a code to unlock that you can obtain by dialling 999. 

Loe Beach also has a defibrillator 

The Punchbowl & Ladle, Feock - outside wall. Code available by dialling 999. 

Carnon Downs 

In the phone box on Forth Coth (outside of the dentist) in the centre of Carnon Downs. No code required. 


In the phone box on Point Green just up from the Quay. No code required. 

The Parish Council has undertaken to provide free CPR and defibrillator training for local residents. If you would like to attend a future course please contact the office on 01872 863333 to book a place on a course. The courses are accredited by the British Heart Foundation and run by qualified trainers and last approximately 1.5 hours. 


The defibrillators that have been purchased are automated, anyone can use one, training is not necessary. The defibrillator will talk the user through how to use it and will not allow a shock to be given unless it detects that the heart is in a shockable rhythm.  

The cabinets that the defibrillators are housed in do not require a code to open them, just pull them open and take the defibrillator to the casualty. 

Here is a very useful short video demonstrating how the defibrillators we have installed in Devoran, Feock, Point and Carnon Downs work in practice. 


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