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Parks & Open Spaces in the parish

Devoran Recreation Ground
The recreation ground was donated to the people of Devoran by returning World War One solidiers as a memorial for those lost in the war.  The Devoran ward Councillors of the Parish Council act as trustees for the recreation ground and are responsible for its management and maintenance. 
Park an Gwarry, Carnon Downs
The Parish Council own, manage, and are responsible for maintenance of Park an Gwarry playing field.
Pengelly Meadows Recreation Area, Carnon Downs
The Parish Council own, manage and are responsible for the maintenance of this recreation area. An outdoor gym, football area, benches and pathway have recently been installed with plans for tree planting and football goals later this year (2022). 
Retallack Field, Feock
The Parish Council own, manage, and are responsible for maintenance of Retallack playing field and in early 2022 the area was refurbished with the installation of a new pathway to enable better access, parking area, new play equipment and an outdoor gym. 

Point Quay and Point Green

The Parish Council own Point Quay and Orchard, which is leased to and managed by Point Quay Association. 

Carnon Yard

The Parish Council own this area of land and are responsible for maintaining it. 

Other Open Spaces

The Council is also responsible for managing Common Land in the parish which includes Point Green, land at the end of Restronguet Point, Carnon Mine, a small car park at Penpol Pond,  Chycoose Beach and a patch of land on Market Street in Devoran where the Council have installed a garden to represent the history of the Lobb Brothers as part of the Feock Trails Project.


If you notice any safety or maintenance issues with any of the above areas please report these to the Parish Office by email or on 01872 863333.

Jubilee Wood 

Jubilee Wood is a public space in Carnon Downs next to the Carnon Inn, which the landowner has kindly opened up for public use, please respect this lovely space and leave it as you would wish to find it.  The Parish Council has recently installed a dog waste bin to help keep the wood dog waste free!

Devoran Quay

Devoran Quay is managed by Devoran Quay Preservation Society who arrange the annual Bonfire Night display and Regatta.

INSURANCE - PLEASE NOTE THAT THE COUNCIL'S PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER THIRD PARTY EVENTS HELD IN OUR PARKS. If you wish to use one of our parks for an organised event we would ask that you seek permission from the Parish Council beforehand (via the Parish Clerk - to ensure the event does not clash with another event and that the relevant insurance is in place.

Thank you for your co-operation. 

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