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Active Feock 

A new opportunity for progress

The Parish Council are starting to look at a new project to support the

physical and mental well being of residents of all ages and how our

natural environment can help. Connecting people, coming together,

supporting our well being; these have been themes behind recent projects

supported by the Parish Council. The Repair Cafe, new gym equipment in

our  recreation areas and the appointment of a Information and Well Being

Officer are just three initiatives arising from Community Connect and HAIRE.

For the later project we received significant European funding and for our

new project we have been able to take advantage of the 100% funding

offered by the Growth Fund.

National research has shown that the countryside and the seaside are good for our health and wellbeing. In the parish of Feock we are fortunate to have access to both. The Parish Council has sought to improve our public spaces and help people to enjoy the facilities in the parish but more remains to be done.


In the coming weeks, at the end of March and beginning of April, we will invite residents to play their part in workshops for a new project called Active Feock. These will provide  an opportunity for residents  to meet representatives of Inner Circle Consulting* and members of the Parish Council to help work out the priorities of the project. The workshops will be held in the Parish Council office in Devoran and last a maximum of 1.5 hours each.


The themes will be (1) Environment and planting, (2) Health and wellbeing including short walks and (3) Cycle links. If you would like to take part in one of the workshops please get in touch with Debra Roberts, Parish Clerk who can give you more details.


The project is about our wellbeing. It will aim to improve and sustain our physical and mental well being at all ages. We will Improve  the public footpath network in the parish together with the cycle path and public spaces. The emphasis will be on safety, relaxation  and providing more opportunities for the enjoyment of our lovely natural environment.


We have started by identifying 12 short walks in different parts of the parish. These are based on existing pavements and footpaths and include a range of views and landscapes. We need to start to determine the requirements we should aim for to make the walks safe, enjoyable and interesting and how the experience of using them could be further enhanced with trees, shrubs and flowers. In addition, we are looking at improvements along the national cycle path as it passes through the Parish to make it easier to navigate and secure better links with neighbouring parishes and beyond.  Not everything can be done at once; indeed some things may not be possible at all! That is why we need to draw up our priorities  The workshops,  together with meetings with people responsible for our health, education  and well being will play an important part in determining these priorities for the future.


Active Feock has started well. The Parish Council are delighted to announce the gift to the parish of a field beside the creek on the Tramway. Generously donated by the Dyson family, the field is being planted as a woodland with space for relaxation. The views across the creek are breathtaking and will make an important break for walkers and cyclists who use the Tramway for recreation. The woodland will be planted with a range of species  to attract  flora and fauna to the area. The species have been selected in collaboration with the family to provide an educational resource for the future. Seating will be provided for people of all ages. The field will make an  important contribution to the physical and mental well being of all who enjoy the peace and tranquillity of our countryside.


*Inner Circle Consulting is a Cornish based consultancy appointed by Feock Parish Council funded by the Community Capacity Fund.


This funding has been allocated from Cornwall Council’s Community Capacity Fund. The Community Capacity Fund is part of the Good Growth Programme, which is delivering the UK Shared Prosperity Fund in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly. 

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