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Community Information

Report a problem

To report a problem or safety issue with a footpath/footway, blocked drain/gulley, equipment in a park or open space, grass verge/footway or that a road needs sweeping, please phone the Parish Council on 01872 863333 or complete the form here.  Unfortunately we are not able to resolve major maintenance issues (such as pot-holes) but we can report these to Cornwall Council on your behalf. 

The Parish Council provides a number of services to
the community including: 
  • Maintenance of footpaths

  • Maintenance of parks and open spaces

  • Cleaning and maintenance of bus shelters

  • Micro Library in Parish Council Office

  • Bookswaps 

  • Historic Reference Library in Parish Office

  • Funding for local groups via Your Choice funding

  • Responsibility for common land in the parish

  • Community Transport Scheme

  • Community Defibrillators 

  • Shopping and prescription deliveries

  • Wellbeing helpline 

  • Noticeboards to advertise events

  • Wellbeing website with support information, calendar of events etc. 


Please contact the Parish Council Office if you have any comments to make regarding these services.


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