Traffic issues in the Parish & F.A.S.T. Project

(Feock Action on Speed & Traffic)

This page has been set up to keep residents up to date with the F.A.S.T. project.

We have been successful in being awarded some funding through Cornwall Council’s devolution fund to investigate what can be done to improve safety on our highways over the whole Parish. The F.A.S.T. project is a partnership project and we hope that the Parish Council, together with local residents and businesses can work together to help solve some of the issues. The Parish Council has also budgeted money for funding safety improvements in the parish. 

Carnon Downs Highway Improvements - Updated March 2020

Bissoe Road footway and Old Carnon Hill footway

Consultations on improvements to pedestrian safety on both Old Carnon Hill and Bissoe Road were sent out on 18th December 2019 to residents in these areas.  Any works to Old Carnon Hill will be funded by the Parish Council and the footway improvements to Bissoe Road are being funded by a Section 106 agreement relating to the Pengelly Meadows development.

The proposed changes to Old Carnon Hill include stretches of pavement and virtual footway together with a new priority give way system, it is hoped that this will improve pedestrian safety and also slow traffic. 

The proposed changes to Bissoe Road include a pavement and priority give way build out, again to improve pedestrian safety and slow traffic. 

Hard copies of the proposed plans were displayed at the Community Library at the Parish Council Office in Devoran and response forms can be also be picked up from there. 

The consultation can also be viewed online

The plans can also be downloaded using the links below. 

Old Carnon Hill - Top of hill down to Mount Agar Road junction 

Old Carnon Hill - Mount Agar Road junction to Glendower

Old Carnon Hill - Wellington Place

Bissoe Road

The deadline for resident comments was Friday 17th January 2020.

Taking into account the positive response from the public consultations on both areas, at the March 2020 Parish Council meeting the Council agreed to instruct Cormac to go ahead with the proposed works to Old Carnon Hill (excluding the Wellington Place scheme) and Bissoe Road as soon as possible. 

Feock Parish now has its own Community Speedwatch team!

This initiative, which is sponsored and overseen by Devon and Cornwall Constabulary,

involves trained members of the local community carrying out occasional speed

monitoring at approved locations, using equipment provided by the police.

It has been set up in response to concerns raised by residents about the level of

speeding in the parish.

The information gathered, including the registration numbers of offending vehicles,

is passed to the police, who will contact the owners of the vehicles. Initially this will

simply involve a notification letter, but repeat offences could lead to prosecution.

This is likely to be a rare event however - the main emphasis of the scheme is

educational rather than punitive.

At present the only approved location is in Carnon Downs, but other locations

across the parish are expected to be approved in due course.

Anyone interested in joining the team or seeking more information should contact Feock Parish Clerk, Debra Roberts on 01872 863333 or email Volunteers need to attend a 2 hour indoor training session and 3 on the road training sessions and have a DBS check carried out on you.