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From here find links to electronic copies of the Feock Parish Council Reference Library. We will be constantly updating the Library over the coming months; please get in touch if you have any books or documents you think would be of interest. The resources are listed, and you can view each chapter by clicking the link below the title. 

Feock Local History Notes (I,II,III,IV) -   Word Search

Feock in the 19th Century (Part I) 1973


  1. Roads and Lanes

  2. Population and Employment

  3. Analysis of Feock Church Marriage Register

  4. Inns and Beerhouses

  5. The Parish as Revealed by the Tithe Map

  6. The Growth of Devoran

  7. Local Education

  8. Shipbuilding

  9. Smelting Works at Penpol


"This study of Feock parish in the 19th century deals with many aspects of local life; the people, their work, leisure, families and schooling; the land and industry; the development of shipping along the river; the emergence of the "new townat Devoran. It shows what a lively and interesting area this was, making its own special contribution to the life of Cornwall at that important period."

Feock in the 19th Century (Part II) 1973


  1. Place names in the Parish of Feock

  2. Origin of the Society now worshipping in Goonpiper Chapel

  3. Mining under Restronguet Creek in 1871

  4. Searching the Smallprint

  5. The old Vicarage

  6. The Growth of Carnon Downs

  7. Ship Owners in the Parish of Feock in the 19th Century

  8. Memories

  9. Devoran National School 1863 - 1869

  10. Trelissick

  11. Correspondence

Feock: some aspects of Local History (Part III) 1975


  1. Feock South of Trevilla

  2. Methodism in Penpol

  3. Barges

  4. Rowing Races at Carnon Mine

  5. The Bleak House Band

  6. Tregye

  7. Some Wills and Inventories of the Adams family of Tregye

  8. A Talk given by the late T. J. Trebilcock, edited by F. Trebilcock

  9. Porthgwidden and Tom Phillpotts

Feock: some aspects of Local History (Part IV) 1977


  1. Early Mining in the Devoran Area

  2. Life in Feock Parish in the late 17th and early 18th century

  3. Methodism in Carnon Downs

  4. From Open Hearth to Cornish Range

  5. Cottages built before 1840

  6. Tregew

  7. A Cottage at Carnon Downs

  8. The Old Post Office

  9. One cottage and its land- Algarnick, 1900 to 1976

  10. Memories of Devoran when I was a boy

  11. Devoran Docks

Primary Sources

  1. ​Devoran Prospectus

  2. History of Saint Feock (Extract from Feock Newsletter - May 1983)

  3. Horse Buses

  4. Kelly's Directory (1873, 1878 & 1883)

  5. LA. Vauge Well. 

  6. Correspondence re: Old Tin Works in the Carnon Valley (1972)

  7. Some notes on Shipping at Devoran

  8. The Locomotive Magazine (September 1902)

  9. The Railway Press (I)

  10. The Railway Press (II)

  11. Parish Councillors of Feock (1895-1990s)

  12. Devoran Boys Brigade (Scouts)

Please feel free to get in contact with us if you have any books or documents of interest.



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