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Whilst Cornwall Council are the Local Planning Authority and decide all planning applications in the Parish. The Parish Council is asked to provide a consultee comment for each application. 


Please see the Planning Committee's Terms of Reference to see details of the process the committee use for providing consultee comments to Cornwall Council.


Parish Councillors are currently considering their consultee comments for the planning applications listed below and welcome comments from neighbours or members of the public who have an interest in the application. These should be emailed to the Assistant Clerk, Debbie Searle via


For applications on the agenda for discussion at a Parish Council meeting you are welcome to attend the meeting and speak in the ‘public participation’ part at the start. Please note that this section of the meeting is limited to 15 minutes. Whilst you will usually be given 3 minutes in which to make your comments, if there are a large number of attendees wishing to speak, the 15 minutes will be divided by the number of speakers so your time for speaking may be reduced. Please note that you are only permitted to speak during this section of the meeting. Should you be unable to attend the meeting, but still wish to have your comments considered, please email them to the Assistant Clerk as detailed above.


Please also note that any comments made to the Parish Council should also be submitted to Cornwall Council who will decide the application. Information on how to do this can be found by following this link - The Parish Council only provide a consultee comment and it is Cornwall Council’s Planning Officers who determine the outcome of each panning application.


Current applications being considered for consultee comment:

PA24/02346 (001) - The Stables Trevilla Road Feock TR3 6QG

'Convert redundant farm building to holiday letting unit & demolish/part demolish existing shed/store sites: 071341,' without compliance of condition 5 of decision C1/PA07/1004/99/S dated 21/09/1999.

Please use this link to view full details via Cornwall Council’s online planning register:


PA24/02474 (002) - Ragnarok Trolver Hill Feock TR3 6RR

Demolition of dwelling and construction of a replacement dwelling without compliance with conditions 2 and 3 of decision notice PA18/10036 dated 18/12/2018.

Please use this link to view full details via Cornwall Council’s online planning register:


PA24/02775 (003) - Boxeater House Feock TR3 6QW

Application for works to trees subject to Tree Preservation order namely fell 2 x Common Oak Trees (1703 and 1706)

Please use this link to view full details via Cornwall Council’s online planning register:

PA24/03117 (004) - Feock Methodist Church Goonpiper Feock TR3 6RA

Internal alterations and extension to Feock Methodist Church and new subservient garage following grant of conditional planning approval for the change of use to one residential unit

Please use this link to view full details via Cornwall Council’s online planning register:


PA24/02974 (005) - Waters Edge Quay Road Devoran TR3 6PW

Notification of works to Tree in a Conservation Area namely fell one Single Monterey Pine tree. The tree is in imminent danger of falling causing damage to applicant's and neighbour's property and potential injury to persons.

Please use this link to view full details via Cornwall Council’s online planning register:

If you have any comments on these applications that you would like Councillors to be aware of before submitting their consultee comment to Cornwall Council, please email them to as soon as possible. 


Information regarding notification of Planning Applications - 07/09/16

We have been made aware recently of occasions where residents have not known about planning applications made by their neighbours. We have contacted Cornwall Council for clarification on their notification processes. They have advised us that they will always write to residential properties abutting the application site, please note that these letters will be addressed to 'The Occupier'.

Yellow lamp post notices are not always displayed, generally if the application can be decided by the Case Officer without visiting the site a notice will not be displayed, if the Case Officer decides that they do need to carry out a site visit then they will put up the notice at that time. More detailed information about when a yellow notice will be displayed is available here


In future the Parish Council will also post links to applications on their Facebook page


Residents with online access can also go to the Planning page on Cornwall Council's website and set up alerts to notify them when an application is received in a certain postcodes by selecting 'Save search' when you have searched for a particular postcode.

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