Carnon Downs Recreation Area & Park Projects

Pengelly Meadows Recreation Area - Update 18th November 2019

As part of the new Taylor Wimpey Pengelly Meadows development on Bissoe Road a new recreation area will be created to the left of the entranceway to the development.

There will also be funding from the development under the Section 106 agreement to make improvements to the play equipment in the existing children’s park at Park an Gwarry just up the road (which has now been completed), as well as equipment for the new recreation area, this work has now been completed (please see photos below). 

The Parish Council feels that these should be two distinct areas, the existing play park for younger children and the new area at Pengelly Meadows should cater for older children and adults as well as being a green open space for the whole community to enjoy, the two areas are close together and the Parish Council are currently working on the installation of a pavement on Bissoe Road to link the two areas. The legal work to transfer the land ownership from Taylor Wimpey to the Parish Council has now been completed.

From consultation carried out the children and young people were keen to see a sports equipment, such as an outdoor gym, table tennis and football goals in the new recreation area. A skateboarding area was also very popular however after taking onboard comments from residents and investigating the costs of such an area the Parish Council have decided that this will not be practical to install. 

The Parish Council hopes to start work by the end of this year on cutting back the hedges, tree planting and installation of picnic benches in the recreation area. Unfortunately due to ground conditions and winter weather the landscaping required to level the football area, install pathways and gym equipment will not be able to be carried out until Spring 2020 when the weather is drier. To keep the area secure we have put a padlock on the vehicle access gate but the pedestrian gate is unlocked to enable residents to use the field.

Plan of new field for website.jpg

Park an Gwarry play park new equipment (existing park) - July 2018

The slide has now been replaced with a new birds nests swing and the old climbing frame replaced with a wooden boat play structure, a tractor play house and slide has been installed on the tarmac area by the Bissoe Road side of the park.  Here are some photos of the grand opening held on Tuesday 24th July 2018. Thanks to everyone who came along and supported the event.