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Highways Information

Highways Problems

If you need to report a Highways issue such as pot holes, flooding, a street light out, an obstruction in the road this can be done online directly to Cornwall Council via this link

Cornwall Council also have a very useful mapping tool available here

This has layers that can be switched on or off to show different information, such as classification of roads, public rights of way, tree preservation orders etc. 




The Parish Council Office and library will be closed on Wednesday 11th January as a section of Market Street will be closed and there will be no electricity for the day due to National Grid carrying out works to the electricity poles on Market Street outside of the office, the crossroads by the Church and on the end of Belmont Terrace.

Residents affected should have been contacted directly by National Grid. If residents have any queries about the electricity interruption they should contact Jonathan Nesbitt from National Grid on 01209 616630 quoting incident ref INCD-17167-v.


Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 S.14: Temporary Prohibition of Traffic

The below Road(s) will be temporarily closed to allow works to be completed on the highway.


If you have any queries regarding these works please contact the Utility direct on the number below.  Any responses to this email received by Street Works will be forwarded to the Utility for them to respond.


Location:         Tregye Road, Carnon Downs and Road From Tregye Road To Bewers, Feock

Timing:            14th February 2023 to 17th February 2023 (24 hours)

Contact:          Jeremy Jones at Wales & West Utilities - Tel: 01209 211468


Please click the following link for a map:

Future roadworks

The below websites show planned roadworks and details of who to contact about them in the event of any issues. 

One Network -

Cormac roadworks and traffic -

20mph speed limits project 

Cornwall Council have a page dedicated to the 20mph pilots that have been run in the County and the latest information can be found on their website.

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