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Feock Neighbourhood Development Plan 


The Feock Neighbourhood Development Plan has been created by local residents, community groups,

businesses and the Parish Council and will shape how the parish changes in the coming years.




Friday 9th March 2018


We are delighted to announce that the Neighbourhood Plan for Feock parish was overwhelmingly approved by residents at the Referendum held yesterday, Thursday 8th March.


There was a turnout of 32.69% with a percentage of 87.6% in favour of the Plan being adopted and used by Cornwall Council to help it to decide planning applications in the parish.


The approval of this important policy document will make a difference to local people as Neighbourhood Plans have to be taken notice of legally by all agencies involved in Planning applications. It means that local views must be taken into account when planning decisions are made.


The Neighbourhood Plan is a much wider document as it will ensure not only the right development happens in the right places in line with local need but is there to protect the distinct character of the parish and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, to safeguard and enhance the natural and historic environment, to improve pedestrian and cycle links, support local businesses and jobs, protect and improve green and open spaces, enhance village hearts and gateways and protect existing and improve community facilities.


From this the Parish Council will be bringing together our Business Plan and vision for the future of the parish.


Thank you to all those who took the time to vote and to all volunteers who contributed to the making of this Plan over the last 4 years.

Hard copies of the Neighbourhood Plan are available on request from the Parish Council Office in Devoran or can be viewed using the links below.

Feock Neighbourhood Plan - Part 1 (Policies)

Feock Neighbourhood Development Plan - Part 2 (Maps and appendices) 

The evidence base documents used to create the Neighbourhood Plan are available to download below. Part 1 gives a brief description about the socio-economic characteristics and public facilities in the parish and Part 2 gives a spacial and character appraisal including observations on design which may be useful to those submitting planning applications. 

Evidence Base - Part 1

Evidence Base - Part 2

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