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Finance & Budget 2023/24


This page contains information regarding the Council's budget and spending.  The Audit page contains information regarding audits carried out by the Council's internal and external auditors.

Parish Council Precept Increase for 2023/24

The Parish Council set their budget in December 2022 and agreed an increase to the precept (Council tax) of 2.62% which equates to an increase for a Band D household of £1.76 per year or 15p a month. The total precept is £141,309. The budget breakdown is available here.


The Parish Council continue to work to provide improvements to facilities across the Parish. Recently they have installed new goal posts in the Pengelly Meadows Recreation Area and there will soon be a new goal in Devoran Recreation Area, replaced a number of awkward stiles on our footpaths with new kissing gates to make them more accessible, improved signage on the public rights of way, have agreed to continue and fund the helpline service and MyFeock wellbeing website which has been put in place from our HAIRE Wellbeing Project (more about this in the HAIRE update in the April Connect newsletter) provided a Warm Hub for residents over the winter months,  installed new grit and litter bins across the parish as well as co-ordinating the installation of memorial benches. 


The Parish Council are mindful that they need to keep enough funds in reserve to cover the large increase they will have this year in energy costs and have tried hard to keep the precept increase to a minimum as they are aware of the cost of living crisis affecting residents.

Parish Council Precept increase for 2024/25

The Parish Council set their budget for the coming year in December 2023 and agreed a precept request (Council tax funding) be made to Cornwall Council of £146,377 an increase to the previous years precept of 3.59% which equates to an increase for a Band D household of £2.19 a year or 18p a month.  The total Council tax payable per year for a Band D property towards the Parish Council is £71.28 

A summary of the Parish Council's budget can be found here


CIL monies (Community Infrastructure Levy) 2023/24

The Council are required to publish details of funding they have received via CIL from Cornwall Council. 

The report for 2023/24 can be viewed here

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