Finance & Budget 2019/20


This page contains information regarding the Council's budget and spending.  The Audit page contains information regarding audits carried out by the Council's internal and external auditors.

The Parish Council holds Finance & General Purposes Committee meetings and minutes from these meetings can be found here.

Parish Council Precept Increase for 2019/20

The Parish Council agreed at their December meeting to increase the precept for the year 2019/20 by £9722.46.  This takes into account pay rises due for staff, the employment of a Community Navigator and also additional wellbeing projects, as well as the provision of a quarterly Parish Council newsletter which will be delivered to all dwellings in the parish.  The increase equates to an additional £4.70 per year or 9p a week on a Band D property.

Enhancement and projects budget 2019/20

Details of additional projects to be carried out this year will be published here when these have been agreed.