Community Emergency Plans

The Parish Council will be assisting in the development of Community Emergency Plans for each

village within the parish.  These plans come into effect in the event of a major emergency,

such as heavy snowfall, flooding, a major fire, or the closure of the A39 due to a major accident. 


The plan will be especially useful in times of adverse weather which may affect a large part of 

the county and having a plan will ensure that we can help each other locally before emergency

services are able to get to us if there are areas of the county that are more badly affected than Feock



The plans are an initial ‘first aid’ response before outside assistance arrives, the plans will contain an

audit of hazards (such as industrial sites within the parish), resources and skills in the local community

(ie. rest/shelter centres (generally Churches/village halls) GPs, vets, people with 4x4's, tractors,

chainsaw certificates etc.) and is a plan of who is available to help in the event of an emergency.  

For example someone with a tractor or 4 x 4 may be able to ferry medical staff into a village to deliver medical supplies or treat a resident who needs medical attention, or it could be that you are happy to volunteer to just check up on a vulnerable resident in times of adverse weather, like the snowfall we saw earlier in 2018 to ensure they are ok and have supplies and medicines. 

The plans will contain contact details of people who can provide assistance in an emergency but this would only be in a major emergency, when the plan would be activated by Cornwall Council. Their contact details would not be made public and the plan is kept in a secure area at County Hall and only available to their emergency staff, emergency services and plan co-ordinators. 


Carnon Downs Councillor, Paul Lightfoot is taking the overall lead on this project and the plans will be produced one village at a time, with a co-ordinator from the residents for each village.  


A Facebook page has been set up to keep residents up to date with progress with the plans so if you are on Facebook please give it a like!  

Plans are now very nearly complete for Point & Penpol and Carnon Downs.  The co-ordinators are listed below, please get in touch with them if you have skills to offer or complete the form below. 

Grit bins - new grit bins have recently been installed in Carnon Downs (Old Carnon

Hill and Quenchwell Road), Feock on the main road at the top of Trolver Hill and

Devoran in the yard outside of the Parish Council office. 


These are available to be used by residents in times of adverse weather to spread

on the road and pavements in their local area. 


Co-ordinator contact details

Feock - Martin Davey (Penelewey Tea Rooms & Feock PALS)

Point & Penpol - Sally Hesling,

Carnon Downs - Alan Ramsden

Devoran - Vacancy - please get in touch if you would like to help. 

Please complete the form below to volunteer your help, services and skills as part of the Community Emergency Plan for the parish.  We are compiling and list of volunteers over the next couple of months to feed into the plan. 



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