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Please give us your views on flower planters

The Parish Council has for some time been receiving complaints about inconsiderate parking on Forth Coth in Carnon Downs in the area around the dental practice.

We have looked at various possible solutions, all of which come at a cost, and have been in discussion with Cormac as to what is likely to be the most cost effective, efficient and legal way of resolving this issue.

The Parish Council intend to site two or three planters on the pavement outside of the Dentist, each approximately four feet in length, in such a way as to ensure that pedestrians with baby buggies, disability scooters or wheelchairs are not inconvenienced, and motorists are still able to take some advantage of the parking potential of this wide section of pavement. It is hoped that with appropriate flowers or shrubs these will enhance the look of this part of the village, and may form part of a later, more fully developed scheme to improve the appearance of the main route through Carnon Downs.

Perhaps there are keen local gardeners who would be interested in assisting with the selection and upkeep of these planters?

Within the budget available to us three types of planter are affordable. We would like residents to have a say in this decision as far as is practical, and therefore are offering you this opportunity to make your views known.

Please contact Debra, the Parish Clerk, on 01872 863333 or email to indicate your preference by Monday 14th August 2017.

The alternatives are all within budget, and are as follows:

All planters would be stocked with appropriate flowers and/or shrubs/trees.

RECTANGULAR CONCRETE PLANTER – designed and constructed locally. Has the advantage of being robust and long-lasting (no picture available).

WOODEN IROKO PLANTER – sourced locally. Picture shows a smaller version – ours would be 4’ x 2’ x 2’.

BLACK & GOLD CAST IRON PLANTER - not sourced locally. A number of similar designs available.

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