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Notification of Planning Applications

We have been made aware recently of occasions where residents have not known about planning applications made by their neighbours. We have contacted Cornwall Council for clarification on their notification processes. They have advised us that they will always write to residential properties abutting the application site, please note that these letters will be addressed to 'The Occupier'.

Yellow lamp post notices are not always displayed, generally if the application can be decided by the Case Officer without visiting the site a notice will not be displayed, if the Case Officer decides that they do need to carry out a site visit then they will put up the notice at that time. More detailed information about when a yellow notice will be displayed is available here

In future the Parish Council will also post links to applications on their Facebook page

Residents with online access can also go to the Planning page on Cornwall Council's website and set up alerts to notify them when an application is received in a certain postcodes by selecting 'Save search' when you have searched for a particular postcode.

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