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Update on works to Greenbank Road, Devoran

Here is an update on the Council's investigations to improve pedestrian access on Greeenbank Road in Devoran.

The Parish Council previously resolved to investigate the costs of installing a virtual pavement, pinchpoint/traffic calming and a 20 mph zone in Devoran.

Unfortunately the costs quoted for this work were far more than the Parish Council are able to afford. An alternative scheme was agreed, where the vegetation on the verge (on the creek side) would be cut back to allow a green pathway made from mesh to be laid onto the verge to give pedestrians a walkway. The landowners of this verge have kindly given their permission for the Parish Council to use it for this purpose and work has already started on clearing the vegetation by a local resident who has volunteered to do this, the Parish Council are very grateful for all the work he is doing.

Although the verge is privately owned, it is next to a highway and Cormac have to give permission for any works to ensure that this does not affect the road and their drainage system. Unfortunately Cormac have been unable to give permission for the walkway as it would be too close to the edge of the verge and the highway.

Cormac are however in agreement for the Parish Council to tidy and maintain the verge to allow it to be walked on and possibly install a walkway/matting further back from the edge of the highway if there is room for this and the Parish Council have undertaken to investigate if this would be possible.

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