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Changes to Bass fishing regulations

We have been contacted by Cornwall Inshore Fishery and Conservation Authority (IFCA) manages the inshore fisheries and marine environment in Cornwall. This includes all rivers and estuaries, and extends into the sea out to 6 nautical miles.

They have recently been publicising the recent changes to the regulation which governs bass fishing in Cornwall and to raise awareness of the existing Bass Nursery Area legislation. As a part of this laminated sheets have been posted at spots in the Parish where recreational anglers may access Bass Nursery Areas.

A copy of the poster with details of the new regulations can be found on their website

Bass Nursery Areas are designated under a national Statutory Instrument. Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) has announced that it will be reviewing this legislation in the next year. Once this process is complete, they anticipate that there may be changes to the areas in Cornwall.

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