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A great turn out at CPR training

There was a great turn out for the first session of the CPR and Defib training held in the Parish Council Offices in Devoran last night, a huge thank you goes to Barry our local First Responder and Luke from Coast Medic for delivering the British Heart Foundation approved training and to all the residents who came along and took part.

The most important things that everyone learnt was that doing some form of CPR is better than nothing until the Ambulance crew gets there, CPR is very important and has to be carried out before using the defibrillator, the defibrillators we have purchased through the BHF analyse the hearts rhythm and will only enable a shock to be delivered if the hearts rhythm is suitable for shocking.

The defibrillators are very clever and actually talk to you to guide you through the process!

Please remember that anyone can use the defibrillators that will be located around the Parish and training is not required. The training we are delivering is for people who are interested and to enable them to be more familiar with the equipment and delivering CPR.

We will be arranging several more training sessions, if you're interested please get in touch to book your place. More information can be found on the dedicated Defibrillator page of the website.

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