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Cartoon Workshops!

Transport isn't always peoples' idea of fun, so we've got one of the country's top cartoonists to put some 'zoom' into our community transport scheme!

To get some fun and energy into community transport, we've teamed up with the brilliant cartoonist Nick Brennan to offer cartoon workshops for local community groups.

Nick's self portrait...


Nick is Cornwall's resident celebrity cartoonist, having drawn for the Dandy and Beano (Billy Whizz!!). He now regularly runs cartoon workshops throughout Cornwall, and has a dedicated facebook page here.

The first one will be at Creekside Kids, Devoran School's after school club on Tuesday 13th January 2015. Following that, Devoran Cubs on Monday 26th and Guides 2nd Feb.

We're also running visual arts workshops with older peoples groups in the parish, including Feock PALS and the Carnon Down Memory Cafe.

If you'd like to know more about these, or would like to be involved in anyway, please contact Amy on 01872 863333.


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