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Results from the Corlink Users Survey

The Results Are In!

Corlink was a service that offered a ring and ride to older people who lacked their own transport and needed to make local journeys (even to the pub!).

We sent out a survey to everyone who used the service. It seems that from [a limited number of] responses we received, there is a need for a community service. The most regular trips were to the doctors in Carnon Downs.

The majority of users would expect to pay 'Up to £5' for a return journey in the parish.

From our sample, only a small number actually reside in the parish. Many of the Corlink users, who would visit places in the parish (such as the Spar shop) lived in neighbouring Perranwell and Kea parishes.


Although a small sample, responses to the open-ended answers reveal that people feel the loss of this vital link to local services.

Whether or not, the Our Place project is able to service those affected by the cuts is yet to be determined.

Amy Nettley (Project Officer)

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