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Report a problem


You can email or phone 01872 863333 to report a problem or safety issue to the Parish Council.

Please note: Unfortunately we cannot deal with more major highways problems such as pot holes and these should be reported directly to Cornwall Council using the form on their website  Any problems that are reported to the Parish Council that we cannot deal with we will report to Cornwall Council on your behalf. 


With regards to blocked drains and flooding, Cornwall Council have instructed Cormac to prioritise reactive requests based on whether flooding to property is actually occurring.  If this becomes the case, residents affected should make contact with Cornwall Council using the highways emergency number 0300 1234222 and a gang will be dispatched to assist.


Contact us to tell us about problems with:-

  • Equipment or trees in the parks that the Parish Council maintains

  • Overgrown verges causing access problems with footpaths or pavements

  • Blocked/inaccessible footpaths or fallen trees

  • Missing footpath signs

  • Roads that need sweeping of leaves/mud

  • Blocked drains and gulleys

  • Road signs that need cleaning

  • Land that the Parish Council owns (Listed here


Not all of these items are in the direct control of the Parish Council but they can report them to the relevant authorities on behalf of residents. 

To enable us to help with the issue please give as much detail as possible in the message about the location and severity of the issue.


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