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This page will be contain news relating to planning issues in the Parish which may be of interest to residents, such as appeals, large developments or controversial applications.

29th April 2019 


Appeal against Cornwall Council's decision to refuse planning application PA16/08980 - Land to the East of Trevella Farm, Valley Lane, Carnon Downs - outline application with all matters reserved for the provision of 38 dwellings including 19 affordable

The Parish Council are delighted to have received notification that the Planning Appeal for planning application PA16/08980 has been dismissed by the Planning Inspector and the refusal of the application confirmed.  

The full Inspectors report can be read here

The Parish Council also strongly objected to the following two applications and these have now both been refused by Cornwall Council. 

Application PA18/10932 - 45 dwellings on land off Quenchwell Road/Forth Coth (next to The Forge/Carnon Inn).

Application PA18/10933 - 14 dwellings on land off Quenchwell Road/Forth Coth (in place of the already approved commercial units).

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