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New Parish Council Chairman Elected

At the Annual Parish Council Meeting held last night, Cllr Barrie Thomas was elected as Chairman for the next year and Cllr Paul Lightfoot elected as the Vice Chairman.

Committee membership and Chairs were confirmed as follows:

Barrie Thomas was elected Chairman of the Council and Paul Lightfoot, Vice Chairman.

Contact details for all Councillors are available here.

Planning Committee Hilary Freeman, Chair Colin Blake, Vice Chair Phil Allen Cathy Kemp Paul Lightfoot Barrie Thomas Kate Gason Sue Cooper Bee Robson Access & Amenities Committee Kate Gason, Chair Keith Hambly-Staite, Vice Chair Phil Allen Barrie Thomas Anne Allen Colin Blake Sue Cooper Paul Lightfoot Finance & General Purposes

Paul Lightfoot, Chair Mike Steel, Vice Chair Bee Robson Barrie Thomas

Cllr Barrie Thomas, Chair of Parish Council for 2021/22


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