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Possible revival of twinning association with L'Hopital-Camfrout

The Parish Council has been contacted by our Breton friends with a view to reviving the twinning links which have for several years now been quite dormant. In order to gauge potential interest, the Parish Council will be writing to the local organisations and many individuals who may have been previously involved or who may like to become involved in helping to revive the friendly links initially established nearly thirty years ago.

At present, the Parish Council is simply taking the role of co-ordinator in the initial stages of the revival and in the longer term we do not see it necessarily as a Council led association but possibly being Community led, with a properly constituted committee and officers.

If you would like to express an interest, please let us know by phoning or emailing the Parish Council Office, 01872 863333 or email

You are not at present committing yourself to anything other than attending an initial get together in the near future at which more detail will be available and, subject to sufficient interest, further steps can then be taken towards setting up the necessary administration and reviving the twinning links so many of us enjoyed.

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