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"Your Choice" Grants 2017/18

The Parish Council runs a grant scheme available to local groups and charities, this is a Participatory Budgeting Scheme which gives local residents a say in which local groups and charities the Parish Council supports, by allowing them to vote online and on paper voting slips.

Applications for "Your Choice" 2017/18

All 10 groups who have applied for funding this year came along to the Electors Meeting (on 15th May) and gave presentations on their projects that they have applied for funding for.  The presentations are available to view below. 

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Electors meeting, we had almost 40 members of the public attending to give and hear the presentations of the community groups and we hope that everyone felt that all the groups were worthy of receiving funding. Thank you also to the groups who took the time to come along to tell us what they had done with the funding they received last year even though they had not applied again this year. 

The results are out!
The Parish Council met on 13th July 2017 to hear the results of the public vote for the 10 local projects who had applied for funding. We are delighted to announce that all 10 groups have received funding towards their projects!

As the amount of funding applied for far exceeded the budget allocated, the Council agreed that the groups who came in the top 5 of the public vote should receive the full amount of funding they had applied for and the other 5 groups would receive £100 each towards their project. Congratulations to all the groups and a huge thank you to the 370 people who took the time to cast a vote as well as to the groups who came to the Electors Meeting to present their projects.


The top 5 groups were:
1. Carnon Downs Sunbeams - £250
2. Carnon Downs Memory Cafe - £400
3. Devoran Explorers - £400
4. Feock Soup Lunch Group - £400
5. Feock Home & Garden Society/Loe Beach & Pill Creek Regatta Committee and Feock Big Lunch Group - £400

Feock PALS, Carnon Downs Methodist Chapel, Carnon Valley Messy Church, Devoran Village Hall and Carnon Downs Community Association all received £100 each towards their projects.  

Presentations can be viewed using the below

Carnon Downs Sunbeams Babies & Toddlers Play & Stay Group - Outdoor play equipment

Carnon Downs Community Association - Christmas tree and lights for the village

Carnon Downs Memory Cafe - Summer outing to Bodmin & Wenford Steam Railway

Carnon Downs Methodist Church - Project screen for hall

Carnon Valley Messy Church - Food for thought project

Devoran Explorer Unit - Replacement of expedition equipment for D of E awards

Devoran Village Hall - landscaping area in front of village hall and cycle parking

Feock Home & Garden Society/Feock, Loe Beach & Pill Creek Regatta Committee/Feock Big Lunch Club - outdoor tables for use by all 3 societies

St Feock PALS Lunch Club - commercial microwave

Feock Soup Lunch Club - New crockery, glassware, utensils and hoover

Details of those receiving funding for the last three years can be found on this website using the links below

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