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"Mining and Smelting"

Walk 5 Point 

Start Point: Point Quay

Distance: 2.3 Miles

Refreshments: N/A

Our Fifth walk looks closely at the historic mining industry, giving walkers the chance to visit Carnon mine and remains of Penpol's smelting past.

The walk is of a generally good surface, albeit hilly at points. Sections may be muddy after heavy rain and there is a long "Quiet Road" section which is a 20mph speed limit.

Approximate walk time: 1 to 1.5 hours

"Mining and Smelting" starts at Point Quay, visiting Carnon Mine, Chycoose, Tregoose, Tresithick Wood, and Penpol Bridge before returning to Point Quay. Directions are found in our Leaflet.

The Feock Trails aim to embrace our local heritage. Along the walks, you can access further information on an area by scanning one of the many Feock Trail signs. All our articles can be explored directly on our website by visiting QR: Explore the Past​

On this walk the following articles may be of particular interest:

Point Mine

Point regatta from Victorian Times

Penpol Smelting Works

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