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Consultation on Feock parking issues near to Loe Hill now open

The Parish Council have concerns about the increase in inconsiderate and volume of parking in this area and the delays this has caused to the bus service, emergency vehicles and also the congestion this is causing.

The proposal is to implement a ‘No waiting at any time’ restriction (double yellow lines) on both sides of the C road in the general area between Green Close and Tremarne Close. The purpose is to improve road safety by preventing vehicles from parking in places which can impede the flow of traffic, restrict visibility and can cause conflict between traffic and vulnerable road users.

Further details of the extents are shown on plan EDG2000_SN01 Loe Hill - link below.

If you have any comments to make on the proposals, they need to be received by Thursday 4th November

To respond to this consultation, you can either:

  1. Use Cornwall Council’s Consultation finder, an on-line facility for viewing and responding to traffic consultations. This can be accessed by visiting Once registered you will be able to submit responses to this and other current traffic consultations.

  2. E-mail the Engineering Design Group on, quoting the scheme name and reference EDG2000, and indicating your support or objection to the proposals

  3. Respond in writing using the Consultation Response Form (links below), indicating your support or objection to the proposals. Please return the form to the address shown at the foot of it.

If you have any questions about the scheme you should contact Annan Birkett, Engineer, CORMAC Solutions Limited, Tel: 01872 327 250



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