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Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Your Vote counts - Thursday 8th March 2018

​Dear residents of Carnon Downs, Devoran, Feock, Penelewey and Point & Penpol

Neighbourhood Plans enable communities to develop planning policies that reflect their own local issues. Once in place, the policies in a Neighbourhood Plan will be used to help a Planning Officer determine whether a planning application is approved or refused. It means that local views must be taken into account when planning decisions are made.

They enable communities to set out the projects that they would like to see happen over the coming years. By having a plan in place the community will be in a better position to secure funding and bring forward projects that will make a difference to local people.

Over the last 4 years, the Feock Parish Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has created a Neighbourhood Plan based on the wishes of the people of Feock parish, which includes all of the above settlements. In late 2013 a questionnaire was sent to every household which included questions about local housing, facilities, employment, the environment, health and wellbeing and education.

From that start, through community meetings and lengthy surveys and consultations, the Steering Group arrived at a Plan that was guided by the community and endorsed by the Parish Council.

Why does Feock Parish Council want a Neighbourhood Plan?

• To ensure the right development happens in the right places in line with local need and to retain existing settlement boundaries

• To promote good development design and protect the distinct character of the whole parish and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

• To safeguard and enhance the natural environment and historic environment

• To improve transport links, including pedestrian and cycle links

• To support local businesses and jobs

• To protect and improve green and open spaces

• To enhance village hearts and gateways

• To protect existing and enhance community facilities

In order for the plan to be adopted by Cornwall Council, it must be supported at a referendum of Feock parish registered voters. The referendum will be held on Thursday 8th March 2018 and you will have the opportunity to vote. By now you should have received a polling card through the post.

The question you will be asked to vote on is:

“Do you want Cornwall Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Feock to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

If you support the plan, vote ‘Yes’, otherwise vote ‘No’.

If the plan is not adopted then Cornwall Council will only use the Cornwall wide Local Plan and National Planning Policy Framework to decide planning applications within Feock parish.

If more than 50% of those voting support the plan, it will be adopted.

We do hope that there will be a large turnout so that we can be sure that the wishes of the people of Feock are represented and respected.

The final Plan is available to inspect at the Parish Council’s offices in Devoran, Carnon Downs Surgery, St Feock Community Hall and Cornwall Council’s Truro One Stop Shop and online via this link

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to take part in questionnaires or respond to consultations as part of the Neighbourhood Planning process so far.

If you have any queries regarding the Plan please get in touch with Debra Roberts, Parish Clerk on 01872 863333 or email

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