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Parish Council Elections 2017 persons standing announced

The Statement as to Persons nominated for Feock Parish Council for the May 2017 elections has now been issued. There will be no elections in Feock parish as there are not more people nominated than there are seats in any of the wards.

The persons nominated are:

Carnon Downs ward (5 seats) - Bob Richards, Cathy Kemp, Paul Lightfoot, Phil Allen and Richard Brickell.

Devoran ward (4 seats) - Caroline Johnson, Barrie Thomas, Stuart Parker and Iain MacDonald.

Feock ward (5 seats) - Colin Blake, Keith Hambly-Staite, Rob Andrew and Lindsey Lundie-Morgan, leaving one vacancy for the Feock ward.

The full list of nominations for all Parish and Town Councils can be viewed online

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