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EA statement regarding the incident at the Carnon Valley

With regards to the sad incident at the weekend at the Carnon Valley, the Environment Agency have provided us with the following statement:-

“The Environment Agency is extremely sorry to hear about the recent incident of the dog drowning on the Carnon River, in south Cornwall.

This is a sad and tragic reminder of the dangers of this stretch of the Carnon River. The watercourse is very narrow in places, with steep and unstable banks, weed growth that can sometimes conceal the water’s edge and poor water quality in the river from old mine workings. There are lots of hidden dangers that pose a threat to people and animals that use this area.

The Environment Agency is very aware that this is an extremely popular area for cyclists, walkers, including dog walkers, and horse riders, particularly along the Bissoe Trail. We have installed fencing and warning signs along most of the river and have genuinely tried to warn of the dangers in this area and reduce the risks as much as we can.

In the light of this incident, we will once again review the measures in place, and look at what more we can do ourselves, and with those interest groups that continue to want to use this area.

In the meantime, we want to remind people to take real care in this area, for themselves and their animals. In the event of someone or their dog or other animal getting into difficulty in or near this or any river, we ask that the public look to the emergency services if at all possible for urgent assistance, before attempting their own search and rescue.”

For media enquiries contact us on 03708 506 506 or

Out-of-hours 0800 0282484.

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