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Devoran Park New Play Equipment coming soon!

The Parish Council agreed at their meeting on Monday 20th July, to fully fund the new play equipment for Devoran Park, it is hoped this will be installed towards the end of August.

It has been decided not to apply for Lottery funding due to the timescales involved in this and so that the new play equipment can be installed quickly.

When the new equipment is being installed there will still be access to the open area of the park.

Please check back here and our Facebook page for details of when the equipment will be being installed.

Option A which was the most popular with parents, residents and the children will be installed. This comprises of a tower system which will include 3 tower platforms, a scramble net, bridge with fireman's pole, clatter bridge, climbing wall, pull up ramp, vertical pull up ramps and a bridge/ramp to the top of the bank (like the embankment ramp shown below but as a bridge). There will also be a swing frame with 3 swings (2 flat and one birdsnest).

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