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New Community defibrillators and free CPR and defib training

The Parish Council is delighted to announce that it has been successful in securing two

part funded community defibrillators through the British Heart Foundation. It has been agreed to site one in the red phone box at the bottom of Market Street in Devoran (which the Parish Council have just adopted and repainted, as BT were proposing to remove it as the pay phone was being little used).

The phone has been removed but the phone box will remain to house the defibrillator and the Parish Council are considering what else it could be used for, if anyone has any suggestions please contact the Parish Council Office or one of the Councillors.

The second defibrillator will be housed either in Feock or Point, the defibrillators are automatic and will only allow a shock to be delivered when a ‘shockable’ heart rhythm is detected by the defibrillator, it will also talk the user through CPR. When a 999 call is received the operator will tell the caller where the nearest defibrillator is to enable it to be collected. Training is not required to use the defibrillator and any member of the community can use it in an emergency.

As part of the defibrillator funding package the Council have undertaken to provide free CPR training to residents, this lasts about 30 minutes and is fun and interactive and will be held in the Parish Council Office in Devoran. We hope to run these sessions in June and dates are currently being arranged, we have already had several community groups come forward. If you or a community group you are involved with would like to receive this training please contact Debra in the office on or 01872 863333 to book your place.

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