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Pill Creek footpath re-opened

We are pleased to report that one of our many attractive footpaths has been reopened following repair work on steps at Pill Creek by Cormac Solutions. This is a regularly used footpath by local people and visitors alike. At neap tides (very low tides) walkers can combine the footpath and foreshore to see attractive views of the Carrick Roads and Pill Creek.

New play equipment for Carnon Downs park

The Parish Council intend to keep most of the existing equipment (the big slide, two sets of swings, hippo rocker, train and basketball hoop) in the existing park but will be removing the wooden tower climbing structure as this will soon need replacing due to its age. We would like to add some new pieces of equipment to the park and would like your views on the ideas shown in the photos. The inset photo on each option shows the equipment suggested for the tarmac area by the wall on the Bissoe Road side of the park. The options can be viewed below and the survey to tell us your favourite option can also be completed online ​ Hard copies of both questio

Conclusion of audit for 2015/16

The external auditors have now confirmed to the Parish Council that they concluded the audit of our accounts on 26th September 2016. The Council are pleased that no major issues were raised by the External Auditors and the audit has been concluded successfully. ​ The Notice of Conculsion of Audit has now been issued and a copy of this document, together with the Statement of Accounts can be downloaded using the links below. ​ Notice of conclusion of audit 2015/16 Annual return 2015/16

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