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The wildlife of the River Fal 

The Fal, in common with all Cornish estuaries, is a drowned river valley, or ria, inundated by rising sea level after the last Ice Age. As such it is characterised by deep water (capitalised upon by the large cargo vessels sometimes ’laid-up’ in the Fal near Trelissick) and relatively little freshwater input, so is effectively a sheltered arm of the sea and accordingly rich in marine-life. The steep banks support ‘ancient woodland’, much of which has been replanted but some of the semi-natural, sessile oak coppice remains, rich in ferns mosses and liverworts. On the shallow soils of the lower slopes a characteristic woodland ground-flora of heather, bilberry and great woodrush can be seen.





Written by The Cornwall Wildlife Trust


Sessile Oak Acorns

Great Woodrush

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