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Devoran School Year 4 Walks

Walk 9 Roundwood

During Summer 2017, the Year 4 pupils at Devoran School, inspired by our own Feock Trails leaflets decided to produce their own child friendly versions.  


They visited the Parish Council Office (based in the old Devoran School building!) to show the Councillors all their fantastic leaflets, they were so good we thought we'd like to make them available for residents to download on our website, and you can download them using the links below. They contain our QR codes which can be scanned to find out more information about Devoran. 

Devoran Tour - by George, Lewis and Bradley

The Wonders of Devoran - by Aydan, Finley and Lewis

Devoran is Swell - by Reuben, Isaac R and Isaac S

Your Day in Devoran - by Sophia, Ella and Becca

A Day Outdoors in Devoran - by Hannah, Mae, Sophie and Emily

A Day in Devoran - by Maddie, Zoe, Amy and Erin

Walk Strong, Stroll Slow in Devoran - by Ellanna and Emelie

Devoran - by Archie, Toby and Ali

Inspiring Devoran Trails - by Henry, Vincent, Noah and Kit

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