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Devoran Emergency Plan

Thank you to everyone who spoke to us during the village market recently and expressed an interest in 

the plan.


From the day it was agreed that an Emergency Plan would be of benefit to Devoran; these plans

come into effect in the event of a major emergency, such as heavy snowfall, flooding, a major fire,

or electrical outage. 


The plans are an initial ‘first aid’ response before outside assistance arrives, the plans will contain an

audit of hazards (such as industrial sites within the parish), resources and skills in the local community

(ie. rest/shelter centres (generally Churches/village halls) GPs, vets, people with 4x4's, tractors,

chainsaw certificates etc.) and is a plan of who is available to help in the event of an emergency.  


For example someone with a tractor or 4 x 4 may be able to ferry medical staff into a village to deliver medical supplies or treat a resident who needs medical attention. 


The plans will contain contact details of people who can provide assistance in an emergency but this would only be in a major emergency, when the plan would be activated by Cornwall Council. Their contact details would not be made public and the plan is kept in a secure area at County Hall and only available to their emergency staff and services.


Devoran Councillor, Paul Lightfoot is taking the overall lead on this project and the plans will be produced one village at a time, with a coordinator from the residents for each village.  Tristan Jones will be co-coordinating Devoran's Emergency Plan, as the community liaison. 


If you have information that would be of use in the Devoran Emergency Plan, please get in contact below:

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